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Verse 1

You'll find a road to lead you out of trouble

You'll find a light at the end of every tunnel

You'll find a place where you won't have to struggle

After the break down

Verse 2

You'll find your courage right there where you left it

You'll find your faith, and there you'll be protected

You'll find the strength when you least expect it

After the break down.



Cause broke don't mean that It can't be fixed

And it ain't gonna last forever

It's just finding all of those broken bits and putting you back together

Just get on back behind that wheel

Just like in that old truck

And the hurtin starts to heal when you fire it up. And let life roll on

After the break down,  After the break down.


Verse 3

You'll find a time, when your ready for forgiveness

You'll find a life, one you can't wait to live in

You'll find a love, worth getting and worth giving.

After the break down.



Ooh ooh ooh





Verse 1

Never been the betting kind but this time, I’m backing myself

No time for hanging round cause right now, I got no one else

And Back when my daddy said remember in this life

Nothings free yeah take from me, only the tough survive

He was right



So I’ll work real hard and never back down, when I go out I’ll go out proud

The things I did and all I leave behind

I’m gonna use every bullet in this gun they’re gonna know my name when I’m done

But long before I cross that finish line

I’m gonna hit a few walls a few stop signs and do a little stumbling

But At least I ain’t gonna die wondering


Verse 2

Gotta have a little faith cause mistakes, they’re sure to come

I might fall but through it all, it’s still my race to run

And every yard is gonna be hard , yeah that’s a guarantee

With no help, keep telling myself if it’s meant to be

It’s all up to me



I’m gonna stay the course yeah I wanna see it all

Leave no stone unturned

They’ll be no questions, be no second-guessing, no lessons left to learn



Verse 1

You can't change history, it's how it's always gonna be.

When that first neon light came on and they filled that jukebox with drinking songs.

It's probably the best time you ever had, it's probably how your mama met your dad.

What makes the world I’m living in go round and round, round here, is beer.



Where there's ice cold beer they'll be singalongs.

Where there's singalongs they'll be country songs.

Where there's country songs they'll be girls that dance.

To cover bands playing all night long.

Where there's all night long they'll be shots of whiskey.

Where there’s whiskey in the morning I'll be tipsy.

When I'm tipsy in the morning I'll be coming right back here.

Where there’s ice cold beer.


Verse 2

It's how we blow off steam, it's how we heal the hurt.

It's our go to good time that always works.

Yeah that's what's up, it's a plastic cup.

Full of worries disappear





Ooh ooh, every time I drink it, ooh ooh,

it gets me to thinking what we’d do for fun around here, without beer




Nah nah nah nah, Ice cold beer.

It's probably the best time you ever had, it's probably how your mama met your dad.

it's a plastic cup.

Full of worries disappear, ice cold beer.



Verse 1

Sometimes it feels like I don’t measure up

I wonder if just being me will ever be enough

Put on a brave face to face the day

You’ll never hear the prayers I pray

Feel what’s going on inside.

See me giving up the fight



What you don’t see is me hiding all the hurting

What you don’t see is I hate to be a burden

I’m untied next minute I’m in knots

I ain’t perfect yeah I break a lot

A Square peg tryna fit in that round hole

You’d be amazed at all the things that you don’t see

When you see me


Verse 2

Sometimes I feel I’m sinking and gonna drown

That’s when I need to put my hand up, let somebody pull me out

Cause a brave face wont save the day

You’ll never hear what I don’t say

Or know why’s going on inside

If I’m too afraid to try



I know I’m not the only one, and behind the clouds there is a sun.

And a light that’s gonna shine in days to come.



Verse 1

Came up short last week and that ain’t the first time

It’s curse when your hurting and you’re stuck working for the man

It’s forty long hours that lead me to this bar stool

As he pours me another I say hey brother I got me the perfect plan



If I got paid for drinking beer, all my problems would disappear

Cause my bank account would be as full as that next glass.

Be making money I wouldn’t complain, cause the more I drink the more I’d make.

From the open sign till closing time, I’d be employee of the year

I’d have it made If I got paid for drinking beer



Guess I’d wake up around nine o’clock start knocking em back round ten

Hell If I know me I’m gonna over achieve over and over again





Verse 2

If I got that job I’d never need another

I’d have a pile of deadlines and mile of quotas to make

Cause I’m a thirsty man and I tell you I got it covered

Won’t need a lunch break, never take a holiday, go in early and stay back late



6.   I GOT YOU



When the road up aheads looking unclear

When you’re struggling to take that first step

I’ll show you there’s nothing to fear, I got you


When It feels like the worlds on your shoulders

When you can’t seem to find your way out

I’ll be the one there to hold ya I got you



In my arms, safe and sound

Always here to pick you up.

Won’t let you down.

Through every storm, you’re not alone

Cause I will be the Lighthouse

That brings you home

The rock you hold onto I got you (the hand you hold onto)



When your hearts broken shattered in pieces

When all you have left is to fall

I’ll be the one you can lean on I got you





Like an anchor I’m here, I ain’t going nowhere, gonna love you with all I’ve got

No this life ain’t perfect, there’s a whole lot of hurt it’s all good until it’s not


Verse 4

Until there’s a break in the weather

Until all you’re wounds start to heal.

Get through all those bad days together, I got you




I never sweat the small stuff

Cause It’s all small stuff

Yeah I know how to be tougher

When the going gets tough

I set my compass on North

When it all goes south 

Yeah I got nothin’ to complain about



Yeah I got nothin’, Nothin to complain about

Everyday I count my blessing for the way my life worked out

Yeah I got nothin’, Nothin to complain about

So I’ll raise one up to life right here and now



I got gas in my tank, and beer on tap

I got a wife who loves me, and I’m thankful for that

A few bucks in the Bank, a roof over my head

And I need more than two hands

To count all my friends



I see a whole lotta people spinnin their wheels

And the truth is man I know how that feels

But when I stop, take a minute 

And a good look around

Yeah I got nothin’ to complain about





Yeah I got nothin’, Nothin to complain about

Everyday I count my blessing for the way my life turned out



Yeah I got nothin’, Nothin to complain about

Everyday I count my blessing for the way my life worked out

Yeah I got nothin’, Nothin to complain about

So let’s all raise one up to life right here and now

Yeah let’s all raise one up to life right here and now




Yeah we give and take we bend we break

We kiss, we fight, we make mistakes

But through it all we hold on to one another



Yeah we laugh, we cry lose hope sometimes

Love comin home after long goodbyes

With you by my side I'll never want for another




And lookin back on the life we have from somewhere down the road

In all that is uncertain I hope you know

With a chance to do it all again, you'd be the one, wouldn't change a thing

Your heart will always be my home, it's true

For now and always, it was always you



Yeah we wheel and deal get numb and we feel

At times like we're just coolin' our heels

And then there's days we're racing in double time



You're my strength and my faith

In the choices I make

You're always there as we find our way

Through the beggin, the stealin, the cheatin and all the lies





The moment that I saw you I knew right away

That you'd be my forever and a day



Verse 1

Four-thirty on a Friday I was knocking off from work

Boss I won't be in on Monday I’ll be face down in the dirt

Me and the boys got big plans, we won’t be drinking water.

Gonna be a real good time, might be a little hung over

He said



Play up, show up, come Monday don't be late

While your working hard at drinking hard

Remember I don't wait

Play up show up, when ya downing that shot glass

If you don't show up on Monday well I'm gonna kick your......



Asking her to dance was the best damn thing I ever did.

Nine months after that first kiss we were having our first kid.

Before I knew it wedding bells were ringing in my ear

Those four words my boss said to me, had never been so clear

He said





Half verse

Yeah I know that they'll have questions when they’re old enough

I'll say when it comes to life yeah it's all about showing up



Play up, show up next thing we’re saying vows

I was working hard at drinking hard

But I love how things turned out

Play up, show up, everybody raise your glass.

Il’ be showing up on Monday or I'll kick my own…..


Play up, show up, come Monday don't be late

While your working hard at drinking hard

Remember I don't wait

Play up show up, it all goes by so fast

Here’ to showing up on Monday, everybody raise your glass


Play up, show up, play up, show up

10.   THE COIN


Verse 1

Picked a coin up off the table

And lookin at it now

Ain't as shiny as it once was

Sure has been around

A little rough around the edges.

A little hard to read.

It’s done a lot of miles

Yeah this coins a lot like me.



And we roll on, and we roll on.

The wheels of life keep turning and we roll on.

And we roll on, and we roll on.

The wheels of life keep turning and we roll on.


Verse 2

Seen a million dirty pockets

And as many welcome hands

Loved and sometimes hated

By the common man

Every head and every tail

Won and lost a bet or two

Paid for one two many rounds

But somehow made it through





Verse 3

Been held by a few good women

Been spent from time to time

Fallen through the cracks

But somehow made it out alive



All songs written by Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp.

Published by Universal Music Publishing Australia / Kobalt Music Publishing Pty Ltd obo Checked Label Services Pty Ltd.

Except, ‘Ice Cold Beer’, written by Bobby Huff, Brad Warren and Brett Warren.

Published by Vistaville Music (ASCAP) / Atlas Music Group obo Atlas Holdings (ASCAP) and Highly Combustible Music (ASCAP) / WB Music (ASCAP) / EMI Blackwood Music Inc (BMI)

Produced & engineered by Ben Flanders

Mixed by Aaron Chmielewskii

Except ‘After the Breakdown’ mixed by Jason Millhouse

Drew’s vocal engineering by Ryan Van Gennip

Except ‘After the Breakdown’ vocal engineering by Terry Cox

Mastered by Tony Dawsey


Ben Flanders – Electric Guitars

Dave Francis - Acoustic Guitar

James Mitchell – Electric Guitar

Jason Roller – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle

Michael Flanders - pedal steel

Rob McNelley - Electric Guitars

Steve Brewster - Drums

Tony Lucido - Bass Guitar

Troy Kemp - Electric Guitars

Vaughan Jones – Piano


Photography by Jay Seeney (Blacklist Productions)

Artwork by Parée Erica

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